A new day…

At the moment I’m searching for the shoes.
Don’t mind …
Supercar Blondie doesn’t knows.
Do you feel like a prisoner, sometimes?
Free your mind.
Play the Duck game.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. “Ducking” is a prison slang term for a technique through which prisoners modify the behavior of correctional officers and other prison staff members using manipulation and coercion. The prison slang term for a prison staff member that has been manipulated is a “duck“.)
Duckhuntjs: https://duckhuntjs.com/

You can even help me by using this link:


Leads to the same website. Via url-shortener.

I need many, many clicks.

You will NOT find me here…


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…because a phonenumber is required for
an account.
I have NO phone, NO phonenumber.
I use a free wireless access (wifi)
at public library with an old android tablet.

If you wanna help…Share a Hardcopy. Download and print a Mini Flyer. Thanks…

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